Thursday, September 14, 2017


Dear Faithful BISS Listers!  

I know you all must have missed me for the last month or at least you've missed getting your BISS List newsletter from me.   Thankfully, you have had my awesome crew on Facebook and Twitter keeping you updated in my absence... Thank you to Phil, Kristin & Traci for keeping the lights on!! And an additional thank you to Phil for keeping the ticket contests running every week!! Everyone loves you Phil!

In case you are wondering where I have been for over a month... I headed out to work one of my most favorite festivals ever, For The Funk Of It, in the first week of August. 

The fest was amazing and somehow the car trouble at the end didn't even dampen our spirits after such an incredible experience. How could it really stress us out, when we ended up stranded in Paradise for the night...?  I mean, literally, Paradise, CA! (Thanks to our friend Phil from the FTFOI for hosting us for a night and JB welding that radiator to get us back home to SF)

My post on Facebook on 8/18 really sums up my thoughts on For The Funk of It this year...

August 18 at 10:21pm · San Francisco ·

Finally back home after an amazing For The Funk Of Itfestival! The line-up was epic. The crew was stellar. And the venue was magical! A funktastic time was had by all!! Thank you to ALL who made this year what it was!! Congrats & thanks to Bob Backstrom & Spencer Djspenny Rouse. Thank you to those who kept it running including Bethany HunterJenifer RodriguezSkye LiKevin LappinJacquie Winter, & Phil. 

HUGE Gratitude to my always awesome & hardworking crew who kept the Unicorn Palace running almost 24 hours a day, Tracy ZapataKristin Eartha BrightChris CupitCourtney Harrington, Heather Kilby, Liz LuuBlake MoreDe MonAngela OmranWil MundyTheresa CoxKristine ConybeareTodd Spor Smith, & Joe Morant! I am already looking forward to next year!

By 8/19, I was just about unpacked and repacked to head to Reno on the 20th for the pre-burn preparation for our camp of 80+ guests... I was headed to the Playa by 8/26 for an EPIC week of work and play... 
P.S. Thanks for all the bday wishes on 8/23!

Again my post on Facebook on 9/11 really says all I could say about this year's burn...

September 11 at 4:17pm ·San Francisco ·
Finally back in the bay and sitting at my computer trying to catch up but still dreaming of the playa... This year's burn was absolutely epic on so many levels! Every person whom I interacted with and participated with made every minute even more special than the last. Love/Bliss/Dang Gang camp was pure love and bliss which is a huge statement when working and living there for 10+ days!

I can not thank the crew I lived and worked closely with from 8/19 thru 9/7 enough for the epicness that we cultivated together... Dru, Chris, Joe, Megan, Fletch, Anna, Tavahn, Alan, Holly, Kathleen, Scotty, Ryan, Zack, Audra, Ken, Cassidy, Jen & Adena... we killed it!

I am honored to have been Stage Manager of the prettiest car on the playa, the Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser and to have shared it with so many unsuspecting burners and, as Cassidy would say, just making people happy. And we did it so well...

Thank you to all!

So now that we are all caught up, let's talk about this week's music in SF...

To keep up with the theme I've already started and to keep moving things along so I can send this out to you, I again refer to my post on Facebook about this weekend's highlights in music....

Yes, BISS Listers... I know it's been a month since my last transmission but I am back and have imported a huge number of shows into the BISS Google Calendar for you!


*Weds 9/13 Reverend Horton Heat with Fishbone at The Fillmore (WIN) - **Was an AWESOME show, tho The Rev might have had a few too many lengthy stories to tell...
*Thurs 9/14 Will Bernard's BROOKLYN TROUT at Boom Boom Room Presents (WIN)
*Fri 9/15 Eddie Roberts- DJ Logic Project at Boom Boom Room Presents(WIN)
*Fri 9/15 Ian Hunter and the Rant Band with special guest Chuck Prophet Official (WIN)
*Sat 9/16 Happy Birthday Maile!
*Sat 9/16 Turkuaz at The Fillmore (WIN)
*Sat 9/16 Eddie RobertsDJ Logic Project at Boom Boom Room Presents(WIN)

For more info and more upcoming recommended shows check the BISS Calendar:

Thanks again to our man, PhilRan for keeping this calendar full of great shows. I will be fine tuning and adding more in the upcoming weeks as I have the time to catch up. In the meantime, if you see any glaring holes in that calendar,  send em in to us at You might even win a pair of tickets for doing it...

PS - Thank you to Mr Todd Spor Smith for the makeover on our abode while I was away. The transformation is nothing short of amazing! I love our new purple palace!


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